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Our Mission

Parthenon pursues diversity as a value that not only includes race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, age and gender, but also many other aspects that make people unique: backgrounds, opinions, experiences, perspectives and life situations.

Parthenon’s Commitment to Excellence

Parthenon seeks to recruit, retain and develop the highest caliber talent from across the globe – the diversity of our workforce is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence, to both our clients and our employees. Together, we produce superior business results for our clients and provide the best career opportunities for all members of our team.

Global Inclusion

Parthenon prides itself on an inclusive culture that values diversity of backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. Our offices around the globe foster an environment that promotes mutual respect, values diverse perspectives, and encourages individual growth and achievement. Client and internal experiences around the globe are personally and professionally enriching, allowing all individuals to reach their full potential for success.

Support for Diversity

Support for diversity at Parthenon exists through formal and informal initiatives across the firm, including networking groups such as Parthenon Women in Business, the Latino Community at Parthenon (La CoPa), and the Parthenon Gay/Straight Alliance.