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Parthenon News

  • Managing Director Ashwin Assomull quoted in EducationInvestor

    Expat Economics | 4.21.2015
    The demand for private school in Dubai is increasing and while this creates new opportunities for providers, there are concerns that financing options will be lacking. In this EducationInvestor article, Managing Director Ashwin Assomull explains why he believes investors will eagerly buy-in, meaning financial options will be plentiful.

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  • Managing Director Karan Khemka quoted in EducationInvestor

    Indian Summer | 4.21.2015
    India is starting to demonstrate a new enthusiasm for domestic and international investment, which will affect the country’s education sector, which boasts the largest school system in the world. Managing Director Karan Khemka discusses what the government’s new focus means for the education sector with EducationInvestor.

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  • Managing Director Kristin Pothier and Vice President Scott Palmer published in Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine

    IO Nation: The Rise of Immuno-Oncology | 4.2.2015
    The rapid growth of the immune-oncology field is creating new challenges for drug developers. In their article, Managing Director Kristin Pothier and Vice President Scott Palmer explore the newest developments in the IO field and identify the challenges that developers and companies face.

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  • Managing Director Matthew Robb and Consultant Anna Grotberg published in Reform (think tank)

    Education in chains | 3.30.2015
    In their paper in Reform (think tank), Managing Director Matthew Robb and Consultant Anna Grotberg examine the benefits of school chains, expert governance and economies of scale in particular, and how they improve student outcomes.

    Read the full paper
  • Managing Director Matthew Robb named to Wonkhe's HE Power List

    2015 Higher Education Power List | 3.26.2015
    Managing Director Matthew Robb was recently named to Wonkhe's HE Power List for his involvement in brokering major financial deals that have shaped the higher education sector. His influence has made him the only consultant to make this list. Says Robb, “I'm delighted to be included on the WonkHE powerlist – I hope more HEIs and FECs will use the new commercial freedoms they have to strengthen their institutions."

    View the full list
  • Karan Khemka featured in EY TAS Capital Insights

    Why PPPs are an effective partner for education | 2.26.2015
    Managing Director Karan Khemka opined on public-private partnerships (PPP’s) in the education sector to EY Transaction Advisory Service’s Capital Insights publication in their Q1 report. Khemka explains that PPP’s are already prevalent in the education sector and provide numerous benefits, including expanding “equitable access” to schooling.
  • Chief Economist Nigel Gault quoted in MarketWatch

    Investors price in another rate hike after jobs data | 2.6.2015
    The next Federal Reserve rate hike is imminent and approaching soon.  In this MarketWatch article, Chief Economist Nigel Gault predicts when to expect the rate hike and analyzes the possible economic effect of the timing.
  • Parthenon Research Cited in Inside Higher Ed Blog Post

    Who Are Our Students? | 1.28.2015
    In his blog post "Who Are Our Students," Steven Mintz cites our Differentiated University series, which supports his advocation for more personalization in education due to the diverse needs of students.  He says, "A one-size-fits-all, standardized curriculum is out of step with the times - and with student demographics."
  • Chief Economist Nigel Gault quoted in the Boston Herald

    Dec. gains cap year of strong job growth | 1.10.2015
    The Labor Department recently posted its final report for 2014 on job growth.  Chief Economist Nigel Gault commented on the trend to the Boston Herald, also noting that wage inflation has oddly slowed, an atypical occurance with strong job growth.
  • Karan Khemka quoted in The PIE News

    Seven trends to watch out for in 2015 in international education | 1.8.2015
    This PIE News article notes seven trends in international education to look for in 2015.  The author quotes Karan Khemka's comments on one of those trends, more industry consolidation.  Khemka's comments address whether or not small players in the industry can grow.
  • Karan Khemka quoted in Financial Times Blog

    For-profit school chains educate Africa’s poor | 12.17.2014
    Low cost private school chains have become more prevalent in developing countries. However, some governments may see the rise of these school chains as a threat to public school systems. “The reality is that once you get very big the political interest becomes too great,” says Managing Director Karan Khemka.
  • Ashwin Assomull Quoted in MEED

    Demand For Flexible Programmes Grows | 12.12.2014
    International schools are collaborating with companies and government bodies to expand flexibility within their programmes to meet the needs of their students. As a result of this trend, countries such as Dubai have become notable for their business course offerings. Managing Director Ashwin Assomull explains why demand for these courses has increased: “The entry of institutions such as London Business School and Cass has helped fuel demand because there is a greater awareness.”
  • Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Bloomberg

    Blackstone makes bet in Dubai Expat School-Place Lottery | 12.10.2014
    The current mismatch between education supply and demand in Dubai creates investment opportunities for private-equity investors. In order to build out this education system, Managing Director Ashwin Assomull estimates that Dubai’s schools will require $1.5 billion of private capital by 2020. “Dubai realizes that the only way it can bring in expats to grow the economy and compete against places like Hong Kong and Singapore is by making sure it has a first-class education system,” says Assomull.
  • Matthew Robb and Parthenon Research Cited in The PIE News

    UK: Appetite for HE spurs boom in younger year boarders | 12.10.2014
    Enrollment in UK boarding schools has increased during the past three years, according to a Parthenon survey.  Parents enroll their children with the hopes that this will acclemate them to the UK schooling system with the end goal of earning a spot in elite UK higher education institutions.  "As the market becomes more sophisticated, parents are trying to find a way of accessing education earlier," says Managing Director Matthew Robb.
  • Managing Director Matthew Robb and London Education Practice win 2014 EducationInvestor Award

    EducationInvestor Awards 2014 | 11.13.2014
    Congratulations to Parthenon Managing Director Matthew Robb and our London Education Practice team.  They received a 2014 EducationInvestor Award in the "Consultants - to the private sector" category at the magazine's annual award ceremony on November 13th in London.  Read more about the awards and the other winners.
  • Karan Khemka Quoted in Financial Times

    Chasing a generation of globally mobile students | 10.7.2014

    In response to the movement of students overseas, countries with emerging economies must depend on for-profit providers to develop scalable and sustainable university sectors. In Asia and Latin America, providers are meeting this need. “In emerging markets, it is absolutely the case that private universities are responding to growing demands,” says Managing Director Karan Khemka.

    Read the full article

  • EY completes combination with The Parthenon Group, building on its investment strategy capabilities

    Press Release | 9.3.2014
    We are pleased to announce The Parthenon Group has joined the global EY organization, and will operate as a part of EY’s Transaction Advisory Services under the Parthenon-EY brand.

  • The Parthenon Group's Study Finds Department of Education Gainful Employment Regulations Based on Flawed Analysis

    Press Release | 8.6.2014
    The Department of Education’s proposed Gainful Employment (GE) rule is based on metrics that measure a school’s student body more than a school’s outcome, according to an analysis by The Parthenon Group (Parthenon), a leading advisory firm focused on strategy consulting.

  • EY and The Parthenon Group agree to combine, building on EY's strategic advisory capabilities

    Press Release | 7.21.2014
    The Parthenon Group has agreed to combine its worldwide operations with EY.  This combined business will fall under EY's Transaction Advisory Services, which will operate under the Parthenon brand.  On the partnership, Parthenon Chairman and Managing Partner Bill Achtmeyer says, "Parthenon is dedicated to helping our clients develop winning strategies, as is EY.  Together we can offer corporations, private equity firms, and not-for-profit institutions superior end-to-end consulting services from ideation to implementation."
  • Ashwin Assomull Quoted in MEED

    Dubai leads growth in schools sector | 7.20.2014
    Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) is a business intelligence tool for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), providing analysis and commentary on Middle Eastern markets.  In a recent article published by MEED, "Dubai leads growth in schools sector," Partner Ashwin Assomull explains how the Dubai market is attractive for investment due to an open regulatory environment.
  • Abhinav Mital Quoted in The PIE Review Magazine

    Africa Rises | 6.16.2014

    International education institutions are running into challenges when deciding how to develop their programs in Africa. In The PIE Review Magazine Spring issue, Partner Abhinav Mital explains that opportunities are challenging, and limited, “because the markets function very differently and student preferences need to be understood more closely".

    Read the full article

  • Chairman and Managing Partner Bill Achtmeyer Interviewed by the Boston Business Journal

    Outside the Box: Bill Achtmeyer of The Parthenon Group | 6.13.2014
    When Bill Achtmeyer started The Parthenon Group in 1991, he knew the firm’s philanthropic efforts would focus on children. Today, Parthenon gives about $1 million in donations and performs about $3 million in pro bono work for organizations that support children. Here, Bill talks with the Boston Business Journal about his firm’s efforts and the challenges facing the nonprofit community.

  • Karan Khemka Q&A Interview with The PIE News

    Pie Chat: Karan Khemka, The Parthenon Group | 6.13.2014
    In a recent interview with The PIE News, Partner and Co-Head of our Education Practie Karan Khemka discussed international education trends, investment opportunities, and the Parthenon approach.  Khemka talks about the balance between building a great business and measuring success, while still providing students with a valuable experience.

  • Amit Garga Interviewed by Core of Education's American Ed TV

    Emerging Education Markets Around the Globe | 6.12.2014
    This Spring, Partner Amit Garga attended the ASU/GSV Summit in Phoenix, AZ, where he was interviewed by Core of Education’s Dr. Rod Berger for American ED TV. Amit spoke about what trends Parthenon’s International Education practice has seen in emerging markets; particularly the increase in students applying for transnational education programs, and why students are seeking such an experience.

  • Ashwin Assomull and Maryanna Abdo Write for Stanford Social Innovation Review

    Student Finance: A New Frontier for Impact Investing? | 5.30.2014

    The crisis in student loan debt has been called “the next housing bubble,” with more than $1 trillion in outstanding student debt, and more than 7 million loans in default in the US alone. In 2013, The Parthenon Group and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) conducted a major study of student finance innovation for the education sector. This Stanford Social Innovation Review blog outlines five compelling findings from the study.

    Read the full article

  • Senior Partner Tammy Battaglino Interviewed by EdNet Insights

    EdNET Voices: Q&A With 2014 Keynoter Tammy Battaglino | 5.30.2014

    Senior Partner and Co-Head of our Education Practice Tammy Battaglino will give a keynote address at the 2014 EdNET Conference. In advance of her keynote, Tammy spoke with EdNET Insights, sharing reflections on the key challenges facing school district and how tools and supports, including technology, might help improve student outcomes.

    Read the full article

  • Karan Khemka and Robert Lytle write for eCampus News

    How to Liberate Higher Education | 5.29.2014

    Can Higher Education be the United States’ next greatest export? In this eCampus News Op-Ed piece, Partners and Co-Heads of our Education Practice Karan Khemka and Robert Lytle write about the growing number transnational programs and online coursework options that are being implemented to bring international students the western-style education experiences they’re asking for.

    Read the full article

  • Press Release | Student Segments Are Much More Than Demographics, According to New Study from The Parthenon Group

    Institutions of Higher Education Must Go Beyond a One-Size-Fits-All Approach | 5.20.2014
    A new study by The Parthenon Group finds students have vastly different reasons for going to college, and that segmentation goes beyond simple demographics to get at the motivations driving people to seek out higher education. The results are highlighted in a white paper and infographic entitled "The Differentiated University: Recognizing the Diverse Needs of Today's Students".
  • Head of Technology Practice Tim Dutterer Writes for PitchBook Blog

    The Rapid Growth of Technology Investment Opportunities in Private Equity | 5.15.2014
    In 2013, while the volume of overall deal activity was down 6% in the U.S., technology-related transactions grew at 14% as private equity investors and their portfolio companies closed on more than 500 technology deals. In this blog for Pitchbook, Tim Dutterer takes a closer look at the PE tech-related deals made last year, to define specific trends that will drive future technology investment opportunities.

  • Parthenon Brings on Peter Gates as a Senior Advisor in the Healthcare Practice

    Firm Announcement | Peter Gates | 5.7.2014
    The Parthenon Group is pleased to welcome Peter Gates as our newest Senior Advisor. Peter joins our Global Healthcare Practice, where he will focus on strategy development and value creation in the healthcare industry. For Gates, this will be a return to consulting after spending 25 years in the healthcare industry around the globe.

  • Jeff Phillips Cited in ESPN The Magazine

    In Defense of the Combine | 5.5.2014
    With the NFL draft approaching this week, Principal Jeff Phillips harnessed the predictive power of NFL combine drills, analyzing individual player metrics to predict varying levels of success of the 2014 NFL draft prospects. Read Jeff’s article in the most recent issue of ESPN The Magazine.

  • Robert Lytle Quoted in The Boston Globe

    Attracting, and Keeping, Online Students | 5.5.2014
    Navigating the online education landscape can be difficult for students. Robert Lytle comments in the Boston Globe, “When you can go visit a campus of a traditional college, you can go into a classroom, and get a lot of impressions of whether it’s the school for you.” Universities trying to grow their online enrollments must consider not only how best to initially attract students, but also keep them there.

  • Karan Khemka Quoted in Inside Higher Ed

    Bridge or Back Door? | 4.30.2014
    The development of pathway programs reflects some of the most vexing issues in American higher education today, among them issues of readiness and rigor and commercialization and commodification. While these programs continue to grow in the US, there is some catching up to do with the well-developed UK and Australian markets. "The U.S. third-party/outsourced pathway market is less than half the size of the Australian market despite having a higher education system that is 10 times the size," said Partner and Co-Head of our Education Practice Karan Khemka. "We anticipate that growth will be constrained only by the pace at which private providers can develop the market."
  • Upcoming Survey by Parthenon's Education Practice Cited in Slate

    The New Lifelong Learners | 4.23.2014
    In Jeff Selingo’s latest Slate article, he uses a forthcoming Parthenon survey to show how student segmentation transcends demographics.  By surveying 3,200 Americans in college or considering enrolling, Parthenon divided the student market into six categories based on their learning motivations. The full survey results will be released in May.
  • Ashwin Assomull and Maryanna Abdo write for Pearson’s Blue Skies Journal

    Seizing the International Student Opportunity | 4.22.2014
    Parthenon’s Ashwin Assomull and Maryanna Abdo discuss internationalisation – one of the most important strategic issues for universities - in Pearson’s Blue Skies Journal. Ashwin and Maryanna explore how universities can potentially be overlooking strategies to increase top line revenues by focusing efforts on managing cost savings.

  • Ashwin Assomull to be Featured Speaker at the EUPRIO 2014 Conference

    EUPRIO’s 2014 Conference Will Have a Global Outlook | 4.7.2014
    Parthenon’s Ashwin Assomull will be a featured speaker at the EUPRIO’s 2014 conference in Austria this coming September. Ashwin will take part in the 26 year old conference with the overarching theme “How to communicate in a world dominated by change.” Ashwin’s lecture will address the internationalization of higher education and international student recruitment.

  • Partner Matthew Robb and Parthenon Research Cited in The PIE News

    University Rankings Critical, Survey Shows | 3.24.2014

    International students are more likely to base their decision about where to study on teaching quality and academic ranking than student satisfaction or contact hours, a new report by international education specialists Hobsons and The Parthenon Group has shown. The survey of over 14,000 prospective international students showed that more than 80% choose their study destination based on the quality of the education over other factors. Matthew Robb, Partner in The Parthenon Group‘s Education Practice who supported the research, commented: “[The survey]… gives us the opportunity to understand student choices in far greater detail than ever before."

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon's Education Practice Cited in ICEF Monitor

    The Growing Role of Emerging Marketing in Shaping Global Demand | 3.6.2014

    While the emerging market spotlight has long been focused on the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, attention is starting to turn to smaller markets. The shift is being driven by the rates of faster economic and demographic growth in many of those markets, including high spending areas like education. Parthenon's Education Practice work is cited in this ICEF Monitor post examining these trends.

    Read the full article

  • Amit Garga Interviewed By The Financial Times

    Sub-title: Male, Single, 30, MBA, Would Like to Meet… | 2.23.2014
    In a survey of 20,000 distance education MBA students, Parthenon found that value in the marriage market was among the top three reasons why people chose to study in their program. In an article and related video published by the Financial Times Amit Garga discussed how in tier-two or tier-three MBA programs there is no guarantee of getting a job, but there are other benefits to consider. “The returns are beyond a job, and in India the marriage market tends to be one of them,” said Garga.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in The Washington Post

    Graham Holdings Looks Abroad for Future Without Buffett and Post | 2.14.2014
    With U.S. nonprofit universities now offering lower-cost online degrees, the pursuit for growth abroad is high. Parthenon’s Robert Lytle explained in today’s Washington Post, saying, “the sector is under a lot of pressure from more traditional brands. They didn’t compete for 15 years, and now they do. That creates real pressure.”

  • Parthenon’s Robert Lytle Writes for Sloan-C Elearning Landscape

    Managing the Mooc Momentum | 2.7.2014
    What are the four strategic considerations for college and university leaders in 2014? Parthenon’s Robert Lytle explains in today’s Sloan-C Elearning Landscape.  Credit for MOOCs will be embraced as they fit into established prior credit. MOOCs will be deployed in unique ways within a campus, as different plans work for different students. MOOCs will have profound financial impact on some institutions. MOOCs can be a “marketing nirvana.”
  • The Parthenon Group Quoted in ICEF Monitor

    Rapid growth and a strategic gateway to Africa | 2.3.2014
    Nigeria is predicted to be the next big education market. Due to its rapidly growing population and upcoming middle class this has created opportunities for foreign education providers to meet the demand for quality education. Parthenon Group explains why private education providers play a major role in Nigeria.
  • Amit Garga Quoted in The Economist Intelligence Unit report for the British Council

    High University Enrolment, Low Graduate Employment | 1.31.2014
    It is crucial for private institutions to enable their graduates to easily find employment after graduating, in order to compete with public universities who can often rely on their reputation alone.  In a report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the British Council, Parthenon’s Amit Garga discuss his insights analyzing the paradox in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

  • The Parthenon Group Brings on Jamie Bader as Partner in the Industrial Practice

    Press Release | Jamie Bader | 1.30.2014
    The Parthenon Group is pleased to announce its newest hire, Jamie Bader, as a Partner in the Industrial Practice, where he will focus on business strategy, market and product growth, and strategic operational improvement.

  • Parthenon’s Nigel Gault Quoted in MarketWatch

    Nothing Will Keep Fed from Tapering this Week | 1.27.2014
    According to experts, nothing will keep the Federal Reserve from tapering this week. At the close of a two-day meeting ending Wednesday, officials will likely agree on another pullback for its bond-purchase program, and it is likely they will agree to another $10 billion reduction. Parthenon’s Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault comments in MarketWatch.

  • The Parthenon Group Promotes Six to Partner as Firm Expands Global Leadership Team

    Press Release | Nigel Gault, Greg Miller, and Scott Orleck in Boston, Amit Garga in Mumbai, Abhinav Mital in Mumbai/Singapore, and Matthew Robb in London all named as Partners | 1.24.2014
    The Parthenon Group announced the appointment of six members to Partners, strengthening the firm’s leadership across multiple practices around the globe. The promotions were effective as of January 1, 2014. Nigel Gault, Greg Miller, Scott Orleck, Amit Garga, Abhinav Mital, and Matthew Robb were all appointed Partner.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in Investor’s Business Daily

    Managing for Success – New Oriental Education Wins By Staying On Message | 1.13.2014
    Millions of Chinese students are taking advantage of learning English online. New Oriental Education & Technology offers an affordable and convenient way to learn the language and take test prep courses. Parthenon Partner Robert Lytle outlines in Investor’s Business Daily some primary factors contributing to New Oriental’s success, including tailored offerings to a wide range of clients, scale, and being an early mover.
  • Matthew Robb Quoted in MSN Money UK

    £70,000 Salary For Top Teachers | 1.3.2014
    Parthenon’s Matthew Robb discusses with MSN Money UK his new report on the benefits a performance related pay (PRP) system for could have for teachers in English schools. With the potential for teachers to earn up to $70,000 a year, this new system hopes to reward high performing teachers for their excellence. Robb said, “A well-designed and implemented performance-related pay system could have great benefits for English schools.”
  • Chairman Bill Achtmeyer Q&A Interview in Bloomberg Mergers Brief

    Conservative Assumptions Constrain M&A Despite Cash, Says Parthenon's Achtmeyer | 1.3.2014
    As 2014 begins, companies are still approaching acquisitions with caution by prioritizing deals within their core businesses and attaching a high level of uncertainty to future cash flows, says Chairman and Managing Partner Bill Achtmeyer. Read more on his assessment of the 2014 M&A market in this Bloomberg Brief Q&A interview.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in Orlando Sentinel

    Small, Private Colleges Fret Over Online Classes | 12.31.2013
    Students nationwide are flocking to the internet to earn a college degree, taking advantage of technology to receive a degree faster, easier, and often for less money. So why would some smaller liberal arts schools resist incorporating online classes? Parthenon’s Robert Lytle shared his thoughts with the Orlando Sentinel, saying “Online education is here to stay… to pretend that it is a fad is to imperil an institution.”

  • Partner Matthew Robb wins Finance Monthly Deal Maker of the Year Award

    Deal Maker of the Year Awards 2013 | 12.23.2013
    Congratulations to Parthenon Partner Matthew Robb for being named a 2013 Deal Maker Of The Year by Finance Monthly. Robb was recognized for his advisory to August Equity in their acquisition of Eaton Square and other schools as a part of the Minerva Educaiton school chain. Read more about the transaction, and Robb's additional work this year, in Finance Monthly's 2013 Awards Publication.
  • Parthenon Partner Ashwin Assomull Quoted in University World News

    Affordability is the Key to Expanding International HE | 12.20.2013
    What is a key component to expanding international Higher Education? Parthenon Partner Ashwin Assomull, recently spoke at “The International Higher Education Revolution: Impacts on mobility, qualifications, networks” saying  affordability is a key factor. As parents of international students search for affordable quality higher education for their children, they question is it necessary to send them to a western university. Assomull said, that western universities need to be actively seeking partnerships in emerging markets to make it easier for new segments of students to access their courses.
  • Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault Quoted in The Boston Herald

    Wall Street Keeps Watch on Fed Policy Meeting | 12.17.2013
    In anticipation of a crucial announcement from the Federal Reserve tomorrow, stocks took a dip today. Although a decision to begin tapering may be bad news for Wall Street, experts say it is a sign of a strengthened economy. Read our Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault’s comments on the impact tomorrow’s tapering decision may have on Wall Street in today’s Boston Herald.

  • Partner Matthew Robb and our London Education Practice Win 2013 EducationInvestor Award

    EducationInvestor Awards 2013 | 12.12.2013
    Parthenon Partner Matthew Robb and our London Education Practice team have won a 2013 EducationInvestor Award for their consulting work in private sector education. "We are proud that EducationInvestor has recognized our work in supporting institutions, companies and investors. The education sector is rich with opportunities in both domestic and international markets, and we take pride in our work this year helping turning great ideas into great businesses," says Robb.
  • Parthenon Associate Veda Eswarappa Co-Authors Book on Biomaterial Applications for India

    Personal Perspective: Andover Woman Tackles Health Issues in India | 12.12.2013
    Parthenon Associate Veda Eswarappa has co-authored a book entitled “Naturally Based Biomaterials and Therapeutics: The Case of India” that explores the potential healthcare applications of biomaterials in India. In this interview in the Andover Townsman, read more on Veda’s research, her connection to India, and how she continues to work towards bridging Healthcare and Education here at The Parthenon Group.
  • Partner Karan Khemka, Maryanna Abdo, and Roisin Pelley write for Times Higher Education

    How Can BRICS Universities Move Up The Global University Rankings? | 12.5.2013

    As more students explore international education, university rankings offer an easy way for students to prioritize their various options. How can BRICs universities secure a place in global rankings, and compete with other schools? Parthenon Partner Karan Khemka, Maryanna Abdo and Roisin Pelley write for Times Higher Education, advising a two stage strategy for BRICs to improve their rankings.

    Read the article 

  • Study by Parthenon Partner Chris Ross Cited in Yahoo Finance

    College and University Students and Administrators Cite Financial Aid Process as Most Critical Support Service - and a "Pain Point" for Both | 12.5.2013
    A recent study led Parthenon Partner Chris Ross focused on how college services can be improved to better retain students. The survey, covered in Yahoo! Finance, revealed that that the financial aid process is one the most important factors in improving the value presentation to students, as students are desperately seeking more personal guidance in this area. If institutions used external partners for key business elements of the financial aid process, this will improve efficiency, reduce cost, and free up staff to focus on student interaction. Ross said, “Understanding what students care about most will help institutions better allocate limited resources.”
  • HBR Blog Network: Tony Tjan

    Most Recent Post | 12.3.2013
    Vice Chairman Tony Tjan is a recognized thought leader in the business arena and is one of the World Economic Forum Global Leaders of Tomorrow. He has a regular blog on Harvard Business Review online, providing insights on a range of topics.
  • Matthew Robb Quoted in The Pie News

    Hotcourses Finds Uni Response Rates Lacking | 12.3.2013

    A new survey by Hotcourses shows that of the six top international education destinations, just over one-third of email inquiries from prospective students went unanswered. According to Senior Principal Matthew Robb, this response time could actually be a major factor in students decision-making. "Students have so little data on university quality other than the rankings that they base their assessment on a range of things, including response times.”

    Read the full article

  • Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault Quoted in The Boston Herald

    Long-Term Jobless Suffer | 12.2.2013
    Federal benefits for the long-term unemployed in Massachusetts are set to be eliminated at the end of the month. The Parthenon Group's Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault weighed in on the issue in The Boston Herald, saying “the state of federal spending has made the cuts unnecessary."

  • Partner Jeff Woods Quoted in Modern Healthcare

    Uncertainty Around Reform Gives Pause to Private Equity Investors | 11.23.2013
    Private equity firms have slowed their healthcare mergers and acquisitions activity in 2013 as they take a wait-and-see approach following the rollout of insurance expansion under the healthcare reform law. In every quarter this year, PE volume and value fell below what it was in 2012. Despite these drops, Partner Jeff Woods said Parthenon's Healthcare Practice has seen the numbers suggesting a slowdown in PE deals, but have not experienced any slowdown in business. "We're on pace to have a record year," he said, with projects focused on specific market segments which have avoided the downward trend.
  • Parthenon Ranked in Top Places to Work by Boston Globe

    The Boston Globe Top Places to Work 2013 | 11.18.2013
    The Boston Globe has just released their 6th Annual "Top Places to Work" rankings. These rankings are determined by confidential surveys of over 76,482 individuals employed at companies in Massachusetts. This year, we are thrilled that Parthenon was named one of the Top Places to Work in Boston, among Midsize companies.
  • Research by Senior Principal Danish Faruqui Cited in Financial Times Blog

    MOOCs Growth? Head for India | 11.15.2013
    Moocs are a relatively new phenomenon in education, allowing people to take free classes from some of the world’s most eminent professors on their laptops anywhere in the world. Excitement over these programs reached a peak last year, but where should Mooc platforms head for their next phase of growth? Research by Parthenon Senior Principal Danish Faruqui is discussed in this Financial Times blog.
  • Bill Achtmeyer Writes for the Tuck School of Business

    Bill Achtmeyer T’81 on Best Leadership Practices | 11.13.2013
    “If you don’t revel in the job, get out”, Chairman and Managing Partner Bill Achtmeyer explains how the pressures of being a top executive can feel enormous, so if you don’t love the responsibility, consider doing something else. Read Bill’s latest blog post for the Tuck School of Business, outlining five pieces of advice for managing a large organization.
  • Press Release | Independent Assessment of NYC Department of Education School Support Structure

    Parthenon's Education Practice Finds Evolving Successes and Key Areas to Develop | 11.11.2013

    The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice today released an independent assessment of the New York City Department of Education’s structure for school support, based on months of stakeholder input and analytical research. As the current administration reflects on where its reforms to school support leave the system, the report identifies the “core values” of the current system most worthy of preserving, and prioritizes areas where school support can be most improved.

    Read the full press release

  • Amit Garga Quoted in The Financial Times

    India's MBA Dream Loses Some of It's Lustre | 11.11.2013
    A few years ago, it was boom time in India. For many entrepreneurs, opening a business school seemed like a golden investment opportunity. However, with the recent economic downturn, more than 160 management schools have shut down in the past two years. Amit Garga gives his insight about the burst of this business school bubble in this Financial Times article.

  • Karan Khemka Writes for Financial Times on Moocs in Emerging Markets

    Moocs May Matter Even More in Emerging Markets | 11.5.2013
    Since May of this year, Moocs have seen a decrease in users in the US, but over the past nine months users in India have doubled. Partner Karan Khemka addresses this growth in the Financial Times, predicting that India and other emerging markets may even leapfrog the typical bricks-and-mortar model of higher education. “Just as some countries bypassed landlines for mobile phones, they could also bypass universities”, Khemka writes.
  • Parthenon's Work on NYC Small Business Strategy Cited in Boston Globe

    Next Mayor Needs To Focus on Boston’s “Missing Middle’’ | 10.31.2013

    As Boston heads into the final days of an historic mayoral campaign, the two men who would replace Mayor Thomas M. Menino need to get serious and specific about the best way to grow and keep jobs. In this Boston Globe Op-Ed piece, Mayor Bloomberg’s innovative small business strategy - which was "made in Boston" with advisory from The Parthenon Group - is suggested as an example for the next mayor of Boston to follow.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Industrial Practice Work Cited in Yahoo Finance

    EPM Mining Announces Results of Preliminary Feasibility Study for Its Sevier Lake Playa Sulphate of Potash Project | 10.29.2013
    EPM Mining Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce the results of a Preliminary Feasibility Study for the production of Sulphate of Potash ("SOP") from its Sevier Lake Playa Sulfate of Potash Project located in southwestern Utah. EPM has conducted extensive research and analysis based on both public and private materials including industry studies, reports, forecasts, and estimates, as well as a market assessment and distribution strategy study prepared by The Parthenon Group.
  • Ashwin Assomull Quoted in The National

    Gender Equality in the UAE Ranked Best in the GCC Region | 10.28.2013
    According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2013, published on Friday by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, the UAE leads the way in the MENA region with the narrowest gender gap. “It’s a metric that people probably haven’t tracked so much because they tend to focus on fees, enrolment growth and types of institutions entering the country,” said Ashwin Assomull, Parthenon Group Partner. “But it’s another validation that what’s happening in the UAE is the right thing.”
  • Ashwin Assomull Education Investment MENA Presentation Cited in 7 Days Abu Dhabi

    UAE Headteachers Told to Think Like Businessmen to Attract More Students | 10.22.2013

    Headmasters at schools in the UAE need to be equipped with business skills and driven by incentives to attract more pupils. Ashwin Assomull, Partner in our Mumbai office, comments during his presentation at Education Investment MENA: “Because education in most parts of the world is publically delivered, the traditional headmaster is not worried about getting students. But with these private schools (in the UAE), even though there’s demand, you still have to compete.”

  • Education Practice Research Cited in Trade Arabia

    UAE Private Education Opportunities Examined | 10.22.2013

    A recent report by The Parthenon Group's Education Practice found that an increasing number of international K-12 institutions and universities are entering the GCC as it represents a huge opportunity to increase their global reach as well as improve financial returns. The report found that within the private sector, “Western private” institutions are growing more than twice as fast as the rest of the higher education market.

    Read the full article

  • Nigel Gault Quoted in The Boston Herald

    Budget Battles Bad for Business | 10.17.2013
    Even though there’s a short-term deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, the never-ending cycle of budget fights are hurting consumer confidence and creating uncertainty about the economy. Our Co-Chief economist Nigel Gault comments in this Boston Herald BizSmart article.
  • Nigel Gault Comments on US Debt Ceiling in Marketplace

    Ok, Debt Ceiling is Dealt With: What Do I Need to Know Now? | 10.17.2013

    With a new deal struck to fund the government until mid-January and lift the limit on U.S. borrowing until early February, Nigel Gault, our Co-Chief Economist, expects the U.S. GDP will drop “on the order of a few tenths of a percent” when all is said and done. That may not sound like a huge hit, but when you look at how fast – or how slowly – the U.S. economy has been growing since the recession, it isn’t an insignificant amount.

    Read the full article

  • Partner Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Arabian Gazette

    GCC Private Education Expanding Rapidly, Hits $5B | 10.7.2013

    The private education market in the Middle East is the fastest growing in the world. With an increasing number of international schools being built, strong population growth and continued economic expansion, the value of the GCC private education market has risen to $5 billion. Ashwin Assomull, Partner in our Education Practice, comments in this Arabian Gazette article.

    Read the full article

  • Partner Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek

    Missteps Abroad Lead U.S. Colleges to Rethink Growth | 10.4.2013
    For two decades, U.S. universities have raced to build campuses abroad to burnish their reputation and attract foreign students. Now, controversies and stumbles at high-profile projects have led some to reconsider expansion. Ashwin Assomull, Partner in our Mumbai office, comments in this Bloomberg Businessweek article.
  • Parthenon Education Practice Research Noted in Inside Higher Ed

    How to Build a University in Seven Months | 10.1.2013
    Last year, The Parthenon Group's Education Practice worked with the Florida Board of Governors to develop several strategies to revamp The University of Florida's online education strategy. This past Friday, the Board of Governors unanimously decided on one of those plans - to create an alternative online campus, UF Online, which could increase UF's enrollment by more than 24,000 students in a decade.
  • Nigel Gault Quoted in The Boston Herald

    Divide Over Shutdown Widens | 9.28.2013

    With a government shutdown looming next week and no clear solution in sight, our Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault discusses the potential impacts on the US economy. While a government shutdown would be "irritating",  it could help push key issues on to the back of the debt ceiling debate. 

    Read the full article

  • Research by Jeff Phillips Published in ESPN The Magazine

    The Undisputed Two Sport Champ | 9.25.2013
    Parthenon Principal Jeff Phillips worked with ESPN The Magazine to determine which college or university has the best basketball and football programs combined. Jeff identified three major categories of success and split them into nine factors: on-field performance (title track, head coach and schedule strength); off-field success (academics, recruiting and NCAA violations); and traditions of success (player success, stadium edge and revenue).
  • Nigel Gault Speaks on CBS Radio

    WBBM Noon Business Hour | 9.24.2013
    Parthenon Co-Chief Economist speaks with CBS Radio on the WBBM Chicago "Noon Business Hour", giving commentary on the slip of the US consumer confidence ratings, and what might be in store for the US Stock Market in 2013 given the budget crisis in Washington.

  • Nigel Gault Quoted in The Boston Herald on US Jobs Report

    Jobs News Rattles Fed | 9.9.2013

    An unexpectedly poor jobs report yesterday that included significant downward revisions for employment in June and July has brought uncertainty to the market, and has analysts questioning the timing of the Fed’s plan to taper its $85 billion bond-buying program later this month.

    Read the full article


  • Maryanna Abdo Writes for Urban Times on New Schooling Methods in India

    A Different Type of Schooling is Paving The Way in Mumbai | 9.9.2013
    In this piece written for The Urban Times' "Social Life of Cities" series, Maryanna Abdo profiles the Muktangan model, an innovative new method of schooling in India which focuses on a student's creativity and natural talents. Maryanna is the Director of Business Development in Parthenon's Mumbai office, and cites Parthenon research in this piece.
  • Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault Cited in The Washington Post

    Turnover at Federal Reserve Adds Uncertainty to Interest Rate and QE3 Promises | 9.5.2013

    The Federal Reserve is facing significant turnover among top officials next year - not only is the departure of Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke quickly approaching in January, but half of the central bank’s powerful policy-setting committee could also leave next year. Our Co-Chief economist Nigel Gault comments on what may turn out to be the biggest transition at the Fed since before the recession.

    Read the full article

  • The Parthenon Group Ranked in Top Ten Consulting Firms to Work For by

    Vault's 2014 Consulting Rankings Are Here! | 8.20.2013
    The results of Vault's annual Management and Strategy Consulting Survey were announced today, and The Parthenon Group emerged at No. 8 on the list of the Top Consulting Firms to Work For. “Parthenon's culture is incredible and supports a vibrant atmosphere at work, which contributes to make being at work a very enjoyable experience,” said one respondent who also noted the firm’s improvement in attitude toward work-life balance.
  • Haven Ladd and Parthenon Education Practice Cited in University Business Magazine

    Colleges and Universities Begin to Assess the Benefits of MOOCs | 8.20.2013

    Colleges and universities have entered the world of MOOCs with faculty and administrators considering the pedagogical, technological, and branding aspects of them. A 2013 survey of 41 colleges and universities conducted by The Parthenon Group found that most institutions are delving into MOOCs primarily to determine how to improve their online teaching.

  • David Hoverman Quoted in MindShift On Trending Investment in Education Technology

    Tech Companies Angle for Big Bucks in Education | 8.12.2013

    Education is changing from an old-school, paper-based model that most adults are familiar with to a dynamic, personalized experience - therefore, innovative education companies are attracting a lot of investment attention. Parthenon Partner David Hoverman is quoted in this MindShift blog discussing the economic factors contributing to this shift.

    Read the full article

  • Robert Lytle Quoted in on Gamification of Education

    Students Learn to Win With Gamification | 8.8.2013
    Partner and Co-Head of Parthenon's Education Practice Robert Lytle was quoted in a recent CIO article about how gamification can be successfully put to use in education. "If you look at any video game, you're constantly leveling up. This advancement to new levels gives the player a sense of accomplishment and success," says Lytle.
  • Press Release | The Parthenon Group Strengthens Presence in Australia and New Zealand with Addition of Former University Executive

    Former Vice President of Macquarie University David Wright Joins Global Education Practice | 7.30.2013
    The Parthenon Group continues to expand its global reach and strategic capabilities with the addition of former Vice-President of Macquarie University, David Wright. Wright joins the Parthenon team as senior advisor for Australia and New Zealand, bringing his comprehensive experience and knowledge of the region to Parthenon’s global Education Practice.
  • Nigel Gault Comments in MarketWatch on Federal Reserve Slowdown

    Fed Watchers Debate Timing of Taper | 7.30.2013

    Economists are debating whether the Federal Reserve will decide to slow down the pace of its asset purchase plan in September or December. “If you’re hawkish and want to taper, the employment numbers suggests the broader economy looks ok,” commented Nigel Gault, our Co-Chief Economist.

    Read the full article


  • Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault Quoted in MarketWatch

    Bernanke's Lame-Duck Status Having Policy Impact | 7.29.2013

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s perceived lame-duck status adds a wild card for markets trying to understand monetary policy, as the central bank prepares to meet this Tuesday and Wednesday. Read our Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault's thoughts in this MarketWatch article.

    Read the full article

  • Nigel Gault Quoted In Politico Regarding President's Economic Address

    Five Things to Watch in Obama's Economy Speech | 7.24.2013

    President Barack Obama delivers today what the White House is calling a major address on jobs and the economy. Our Chief Economist Nigel Gault is cited in this Politico article on what the President will likely focus on, and why.

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  • Parthenon Vice Chairman Dawn Hudson Appointed to NVIDIA Board of Directors

    NVIDIA Appoints Former PepsiCo. Exec Dawn Hudson To Its Board of Directors | 7.23.2013
    Visual computing company NVIDIA announced today that it has named Dawn Hudson, Parthenon Vice Chairman to its board of directors. Hudson was formerly the CEO of PepsiCo's $6 billion North American beverage business, and previously spent 11 years at PepsiCo in top marketing, strategy and management roles.

  • Partner Robert Lytle Quoted in Arabian Business

    Back to School | 7.21.2013

    Gulf countries are spending heavily on new education programs and universities, as they seek to educate younger populations with the skills needed in a modern workforce. Partner and Co-Head of Parthenon's Education Practice Robert Lytle comments on what Western schools should take into consideration to be successful in these Gulf cities.

    Read the full article

  • Partner Robert Lytle Cited in The Economist

    The Attack of The MOOCs | 7.18.2013

    An army of new online courses is scaring the wits out of traditional universities. But can they find a viable business model? Co-Head of Parthenon's Education Practice Robert Lytle shares his thoughts in July's issue of The Economist.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon's Co-Chief Economist Nigel Gault Quoted in Politico on US Job Report

    The Real Jobs Numbers: 2014, 2016 | 7.5.2013

    The US Labor Department jobs report released on Friday, July 5 showed a better-than-expected gain of 195,000 jobs in June of 2013. “This jobs report is a data-point that will get people wondering if the Fed will really start pulling back as soon as September, as many people are expecting,” said Nigel Gault, our Co-Chief Economist.

    Read the full article


  • Press Release | The Parthenon Group Expands Economic Leadership With Addition of Co-Chief Economist, Dr. Nigel Gault

    Former Chief U.S. Economist at IHS Global Insight Dr. Nigel Gault Joins The Parthenon Group to Team Up With Chief Economist, Dr. Roger Brinner | 6.25.2013
    The Parthenon Group, a leading advisory firm focused on strategy consulting, continues to strengthen its economic analysis and thought leadership capabilities with the addition of economist Dr. Nigel Gault. Formerly Chief U.S. Economist at IHS Global Insight, Gault joins Parthenon’s longtime advisor and partner Dr. Roger Brinner as Co-Chief Economist.
  • Partner Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Times Higher Education

    Moocs Are A 'Distraction' Warns Sector Expert | 6.20.2013

    As top universities across the world revamp their online course offerings, will the Mooc fundamentally transform the university experience? Read Ashwin Assomull's opinion in this Times Higher Education article.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Front-End Customer Strategy Work Discussed in Gartner Blog

    Who Really Makes Digital Transformation Decisions? | 6.19.2013
    Driving digital transformation engagements with a vision for customer experience is becoming an accepted consulting technique, even amongst management consulting firms. In this blog, The Parthenon Group's work with Thomson Corporation is cited as an example of successful implementation of a front-end customer framework.
  • Haven Ladd Writes For The Financial Times

    Top Schools Are Sitting On The Online Sidelines | 6.17.2013
    While higher education, in the US at least, is experiencing seismic shocks to it's business model, top MBA programs have hesitated to embrace online education. In this Financial Times piece, Haven Ladd, Partner in Parthenon's Education Practice, writes why these elite schools should be "leading business school online innovation, not sitting on the sidelines while the market changes".
  • Research by Parthenon Principal Jeff Phillips Cited in ESPN Magazine

    It Doesn't Pay To Be Cabrera | 6.11.2013
    Star athletes are making the big bucks on-field, but who brings in the most off-field, and why? Research by Parthenon Principal Jeff Phillips is cited in this article in ESPN Magazine's Money Issue, discussing the key factors driving endorsements and sponsorships for star athletes.

  • Press Release | Parthenon Senior Advisor Michael Sandler Authors White Paper

    The Education Industry Group & EIA Release: The Education Industry, 2002-2012: The Era of Resilience | 6.11.2013
    Parthenon Senior Advisor Michael Sandler and Steven Pines from the Education Industry Association present the evolution of the education industry over the last 20 years as a three-paper series. "The Era of Resilience" is the second white paper in this trilogy, which details the stories of the new generation of entrepreneurs who are exploring new business models and innovative applications in education.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in Marketplace Morning Report

    Doctors Seek MBA's To Grapple With Health Reform | 6.3.2013
    With healthcare reform upending the economics of medicine, it pays for doctors to know more about business, and many are turning to online MBA programs. Robert Lytle, Partner in Parthenon's Education Practice, is quoted discussing the credibility this lends to the online education model.
    Read the full article

  • Haven Ladd & Robert Lytle Quoted; Education Practice Research Cited in Poets & Quants

    The Online MBA Comes of Age | 5.29.2013
    As top schools continue to move into the online market, the quality of the students opting to earn degrees on the web is also increasing. In this Poets & Quants article by John A. Byrne, Parthenon's Education Practice Partners Haven Ladd and Robert Lytle weigh in on the factors driving this trend and what to expect in the future for online MBA programs.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek

    Southern New Hampshire, a Little College That's a Giant Online | 5.9.2013
    Southern New Hampshire University’s New England campus is home to 2,750 undergraduates, however another 25,000 students are also enrolled online. “They are one of the most important players in the online space,” says Robert Lytle, co-head of the education practice at Parthenon Group. “They’ve painted a pathway for other schools.”

  • Matthew Robb Writes for Education Investor

    The Next Big Thing | 5.1.2013

    Despite being under threat from immigration reforms and MOOCs alike, Higher Education is still growing. In this Education Investor piece, Parthenon Senior Principal Matthew Robb discusses why Higher Education - specifically the 'Cinderella sector' - should remain a top choice for investors.

    Read the full article

  • Kasia Lundy Comments on Teacher Evaluations in Education Week

    Want to Build a Better Teacher Evaluation? Ask a Teacher | 4.29.2013
    As schools are spending time and money on education evaluation reform, they may be missing an important and cost-effective resource: teacher surveys. Kasia Lundy, a Senior Principal in our Education Practice, recently co-authored a paper with Ross Wiener from The Aspen Institute on the benefits and importance of teacher surveys. The two discuss the topic in detail in this Education Week commentary.
  • Parthenon Senior Principal Amit Garga Quoted in Hindustan Times

    Indian Students Flocking to Free, Virtual US Classrooms | 4.22.2013
    Indian students are the second largest registrants (after Americans) on two of the biggest MOOC platforms, Coursera and EdX. “The high enrolments of Indians seems to be more due to the novelty of accessing high quality international education in India,” Amit Garga comments on this trend in the Hindustan Times.
  • Analysis by Parthenon's Industrial Practice Cited in Morningstar

    EPM Mining Ventures Inc. Provides an Update on Preparation of Preliminary Feasibility Study | 4.11.2013

    EPM Mining Ventures Inc. announced an update on its ongoing Preliminary Feasibility Study for the production of Sulfate of Potash from its Sevier Playa Project. Extensive research and analysis by Parthenon's Industrial Practice, noted in this MorningStar article, has helped EPM make significant progress.

    Read the full article

  • Karan Khemka and Robert Lytle Quoted in Reuters

    Closing Africa’s Education Gap: Private Equity Does the Math | 4.8.2013

    The growing demand for private schools from Africa's burgeoning middle class is creating the ideal conditions for private equity deals in Africa’s education sector. Karan Khemka, Partner and Co-Head of the Education Practice, and Robert Lytle, also Partner and Co-Head of the Education Practice, comment in Reuters.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Research Cited in Tampa Bay Times

    Busy Students Benefit as Florida Universities Embrace Online Degrees | 4.6.2013

    In 2012, the Florida Legislature worked with The Parthenon Group to strategize and revamp the online programs offered by the state's universities. As the changes begin to take effect, this Tampa Bay Times article explores how the process unfolded throught the Florida Board of Governors, and how students in Florida are benefitting.

    Read the full article

  • Matt Robb Cited in The Guardian

    Big Fall in Mature Students Comes as Shock to Universities | 4.1.2013
    Universities in the UK are seeing a 40% drop in enrollment of mature part-time students since 2010-2011, according to the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Is this a direct result of the last year's hike in annual fees? Parthenon's Matt Robb weighs in in this article in The Guardian.

  • Parthenon’s Education Practice Mentioned in New America Foundation Article

    State U Online | 4.1.2013
    Why are public universities now struggling to coordinate an effective strategy for implementing online learning into their traditional educational practices? Author Rachel Fishman provides an historical context to online learning. Describing the gradual evolution of distance learning programs beginning in the 19th century, in the article Rachel draws upon The Parthenon’s Group work in evaluating the current online offerings of Florida’s colleges and universities and recommendations for several options to expand online distance-education opportunities.
  • Parthenon Research Cited in Inside Higher Ed

    Economies of Online Scale | 3.27.2013

    The State University of New York (SUNY) system and Florida’s university system are both seeking to offer new online degree programs by January, with two very different approaches. Parthenon's extensive work evaluating Florida's online education options is cited in this article comparing the strategies of the two states.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Cited in Getting Smart Blog on Carnegie Corporation's $15M Education Grant

    Carnegie Supports New High Schools that Recuperate & Accelerate | 3.21.2013
    Carnegie Corporation launched a $15 million grant program for next generation high schools and a report that details the rationale: Opportunity by Design: New High School Models for Student Success. The Corporation's Program Director, Leah Hamilton, discusses the rationale in the article. Ms. Hamilton had worked closely with Parthenon in evaluation the effectiveness of options available to over-aged, under-credited students, when she was the Executive Director of The New York City Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation.
  • Parthenon Research Cited in Frugal Dad Blog on Nonprofit Online Education

    Online College Courses Are Getting Cheaper - and Better | 3.21.2013
    This blog by Frugal Dad describes how nonprofit colleges are successfully improving their online offerings to catch up with for-profit institutions, which currently dominate the industry. Parthenon's research report "Are The Sleeping Giants Awake?" is cited.
  • Press Release | Robert Lytle Named Keynote Speaker at 2013 InnovateEDU Conference

    PlattForm Announces InnovateEDU, the Premier Higher Education Forum | 3.19.2013

    PlattForm, a leading full-service marketing and enrollment-solutions provider for the postsecondary education industry, will host InnovateEDU July 10-12, 2013 in Kansas City, Mo. Robert Lytle, Partner and Co-Head of The Parthenon Group's Education Practice, is the keynote speaker.

    Read the full press release

  • Karan Khemka Published in Financial Times

    Moocs Are No Panacea for Universities | 3.11.2013
    Karan Khemka, Partner and Co-Head of the Education Practice, has written an article on Moocs for the Financial Times. "Just as MP3 players upset the music industry, some say online teaching will democratise higher education. Yet Moocs are unlikely to deliver immediate sweeping change," Khemka writes.

  • Matt Robb Quoted in The Guardian

    Students Not Told Which Universities Are Struggling | 3.11.2013
    University application rates are being kept secret by the University Admission Service (Ucas) to help protect struggling institutions - but is this fair to applying students? Matthew Robb, Senior Principal in Parthenon's Education Practice, discusses this debate in The Guardian. 
  • Presentation by Ashwin Assomull Summarized by The Arabian Gazette

    Schools in the Gulf Region are Missing Link in Equipping Young People With Employable Skills | 3.7.2013
    Ashwin Assomull, Partner in our Education Practice, spoke at the Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Global Education Forum on March 7th, on "Educating for Employability" in the Gulf region. This article in the Arabian Gazette summarizes the key points his presentation.
  • Parthenon Research cited in Engineering Publication Machine Design

    Curbing the Engineering Knowledge Gap | 3.6.2013
    This Machine Design article explores an impending knowledge gap in the engineering industry as many engineers are expected to retire in the next decade, leaving less-experienced engineers without their guidance. Research by The Parthenon Group is cited.
  • Serving the 21st Century Online Learner: MOOCs Grabbed Attention, Now Universities
    Need to Keep It

    Press Release | Online Learning Has Hit Its Awkward “Teen” Phase: Nothing Fits, Friendships Are Tenuous, and Fear of Missing Out Abounds; The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice Serves as “Guidance Counselor” | 2.14.2013
    The Parthenon Group delivers a report, authored by Haven Ladd, regarding the future of online learning.

  • Press Release | On Assignment Reports Results for Fourth Quarter 2012

    Revenues & Adjusted EBITDA above High-end of Previously Announced Estimates | 2.14.2013

    On Assignment, Inc., a leading global provider of diversified professional staffing solutions, has announced a partnership with The Parthenon Group. “We recently kicked off a process to develop a five-year strategic plan for the company. We have engaged the Parthenon Group to assist us in this process and expect to review key aspects of our strategic plan with our shareholders and employees in the second half of the year”, said On Assignment President and CEO Peter Dameris.

    Read the full press release

  • Matt Robb Quoted in Times Higher Education

    Analysis - Pearson's Expansionist Ambitions | 2.7.2013
    Parthenon Senior Principal Matt Robb comments on this in-depth analysis of higher education giant Pearson. "You could say the higher education sector is holding its breath, waiting to see what the '800-pound gorilla' does", says Robb.

  • Research by Parthenon Partner Robert Lytle cited in Bloomberg Businessweek

    Online Tuition Helps UT-Arlington Offset State Budget Cut | 2.5.2013

    Public universities across the United States are discovering that adding online courses to their curriculum not only benefits students - it can also bring significant additional revenue to the university. Research by Parthenon Partner Robert Lytle is cited in this Bloomberg Businessweek article.

    Read the full article

  • The Parthenon Group Appoints Tamara Butler Battaglino to Senior Leadership Team; Names Two Partners in Education Practice

    Press Release | Moves Reflect Firm's Continued Expansion in Advising Global Education Sector | 2.1.2013
    The Parthenon Group today announced the promotion of three key members of its Education Practice, reflecting the global strategy advisory firm's continued growth in serving public and private sector education cleints worldwide.

  • The Parthenon Group Expands Partnership with One Senior Partner and Five
    Partner Promotions

    Press Release | Tamara Butler Battaglino named Senior Partner; Terry Bradshaw, Tim Dutterer, David Hoverman,
    Chris Librizzi, and Jeff Woods become Partners as Firm Expands Leadership Team | 1.30.2013
    The Parthenon Group today announced the promotion of six key members, reflecting the global strategic advisory firm's continued growth in serving clients across its consumer, education, healthcare, industrial, information and media, and private equity practices. Tamara Butler Battaglino was named Senior Partner. Terry Bradshaw, Tim Dutterer, David Hoverman, Chris Librizzi, and Jeff Woods were all appointed to Partner.
  • Roger Brinner and Robert Lytle Quoted in Information Week

    Early MOOC Takes A Different Path | 1.30.2013

    Why, in our economic climate, is the MOOC trending so strongly? Roger Brinner, Parthenon Partner and Chief Economist, and Robert Lytle, Partner and Education Practice Co-Head, comment in this Information Week article.

    Read the full article

  • Press Release | EPM Mining Ventures Inc. Announces Agreement with The Parthenon Group

    Parthenon to Produce Market Assessment and Strategy Study | 1.14.2013

    EPM Mining Ventures Inc. announced the signing of a contract with The Parthenon Group to produce a Market Assessment and Strategy Study for use in the feasibility studies for production of sulfate of potash from the Company's Sevier Dry Lake Potash project located in southwestern Utah. Parthenon has consulted many leading companies in a variety of sectors including the chemicals, aggregates, sulfate of potash, and salt markets.

    Read the press release

  • Parthenon’s Research on Online Learning Referenced in Article

    Facebook Meets the Classroom: Blended Learning Expands Options for Students | 1.10.2013

    Ohio school district North College Hill is profiled in this article for their participation in a national educational trend called blended learning, which integrates traditional classroom instruction with online learning and assignments. The Parthenon Group’s research on digital learning costs is cited.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon’s Robert Lytle Comments on Online Learning Options in Florida

    Florida at Forefront of Internet-Based Education | 1.7.2013

    Discussions continue on The Parthenon Group’s analysis of the current online education offerings in the state of Florida, as the Board of Governors for the state will soon meet again to decide how to proceed. "Online learning is not a silver bullet," said Parthenon Partner Robert Lytle, "But it is absolutely here to stay, and the preferred way of learning for many."

    Read the full article

    View the Parthenon report

  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Published in Forbes India

    Smart! But Can it Make Your Child Learn Better? | 12.20.2012

    Karan Khemka, Head of Parthenon’s International Education Practice, discusses how private schools in emerging markets can best leverage education technology to stay competitive and sustain growth.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Research on Florida Higher Education Cited by The Huffington Post College

    Florida Considers Online-Only Public University | 12.20.2012

    The Florida Board of Governors enlisted The Parthenon Group to evaluate higher education options. Parthenon’s report, presented by Robert Lytle, Head of Parthenon’s Private Sector Education Practice, offered four options for the state, including an online-only institution.

    Read the full article


  • The Tampa Bay Times Cites Parthenon Research Presented to Florida Board of Governors

    Online-only University Among Florida's Options for More Distance Education | 12.18.2012
    The Parthenon Group was asked by the Florida Board of Governers to analyze the current online education offerings in the state. Parthenon's report was presented at a Board meeting on December 17, 2012, where four options were reviewed and discussed.
  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Quoted in the Financial Times

    OU Leads Universities into Online Venture | 12.14.2012

    The growth of MOOCs – massive open online courses – continues to spread from the US into the UK, as The Open University launches a new online venture called FutureLearn. In the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages to MOOCs, Karan Khemka comments: “We see teachers using digital content in school to upgrade what is available to students. It’s not replacing teachers.”

    Read the full article


  • Matt Robb Comments on Intensifying Competition for Academic Talent in Higher Ed

    Academic Recruitment: Beware, Predators at Large | 12.10.2012

    The competition among higher education institutions for top academic talent is heating up. How can universities keep their brightest stars happy, so they aren’t poached by competitors? Parthenon’s Matt Robb shares his insight in The Guardian.

    Read the full article

  • Parthenon Vice Chairman Tony Tjan Interviewed by The New York Times

    A Good Mentor Never Tramples on Big Dreams | 12.8.2012
    Parthenon's Vice Chairman Tony Tjan discusses his leadership style, his experiences as a boss, and how he strives to be a successful mentor in this interview with The New York Times. Tjan claims, "...self-awareness trumps all. You need to know what your superhero strength is, but you really learn at tougher times what your and others' weaknesses are."

  • Matt Robb Quoted in The Guardian on Investing in UK Higher Education

    UK Universities Are Wary of Getting on Board the Mooc (Massive Online Open Courses) Train | 12.3.2012
    Parthenon Senior Principal, Matt Robb, discusses the need for Universities in the UK to follow the trends of Higher Education in the United States, and increase their online education offerings in order to attract investors. "UK Higher education is extremely good, but the scale of ambition is low," says Robb.
  • Economist Roger Brinner: Weak Enrollment Will Cripple Higher Education Revenue at the Same Time That Government Budget Crises May Slash Support; Online Learning Strategies Offer a Critical Solution

    Press Release | Address to University Presidents Outlines Economy's Near-term Impact, Potential for Online Learning Opportunities to Expand Access, Reduce Cost and Improve Quality | 11.29.2012
    A five-year fiscal quagmire confronts higher education unless college and university presidents take substantial steps to improve the value proposition to students, according to Roger Brinner, Partner and Chief Economist at The Parthenon Group. Further, ongoing sustainability and, for some institutions, even long-term survival will require strategic use of online learning opportunities to increase student access, maintain instructional quality and reduce costs.
  • Parthenon Partner Robert Lytle Quoted in Yahoo! News Article on For-Profit Education

    U.S. For-profit Colleges Spend Big on Marketing While Slashing Other Costs | 11.28.2012
    Parthenon's Robert Lytle, Partner and Co-Head of the Education Practice, comments on how for-profit universities are increasing their marketing budgets and leveraging their connections to potential employers to attract students. "[For-profit universities] are about getting people workforce employability skills, and I think they are going to be focusing tighter on that," said Lytle.
  • Parthenon Participates in MENA PE Roundtable on Investment in Education

    MENA Private Equity Association - Private Equity in Education Roundtable | 11.2.2012
    Parthenon Partner Ashwin Assomull, and other Parthenon members, participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Private Equity Association.  The discussion is summarized in the below report, and highlights the education investment opportunities in the MENA region.

  • Matt Robb Quoted in UCU Report on Private Equity and Education

    Public Service or Portfolio Investment? How Private Equity Funds Are Taking Over Post-secondary Education | 10.26.2012
    Parthenon Senior Principal, Matthew Robb, was quoted in this report from the University of College Union regarding the investment of private equity into education.  Robb comments, "Private investors would love to invest in a traditional university." Read the full report to find out more.

  • Karan Khemka Quoted in the Times Higher Education

    It's a Jungle Out There | 10.25.2012
    Karan Khemka, Partner and Head of Parthenon's International Education Practice, comments on the key to success for an educational institution in India.

  • Parthenon Report Cited in Nonprofit Quarterly Regarding Online University Programs

    Study: Nonprofit Universities to Increase Online Ed Competition | 10.24.2012
    Parthenon Report, "Are the Sleeping Giants Awake? Non-Profit Universities Enter Online Education at Scale," is cited in this article.  Parthenon Partner, Chris Ross, is also quoted regarding critical factors to success for online institutions.
  • Parthenon Analysis Cited in EducationNext

    First, We Need a Brand New K–12 System | 10.17.2012
    Parthenon's analysis on the costs of online learning found in the publication, "Education Reform for the Digital Era: A New Volume from the Fordham Institute", was cited in this article.
  • Chris Ross Published in Inside Higher Ed Regarding Online Universities

    Brand New Online Heavies | 10.10.2012
    Parthenon Partner, Chris Ross, recently published "Are the Sleeping Giants Awake? Non-Profit Universities Enter Online Education at Scale." The analysis in this report was reviewed by Inside Higher Education.
  • Karen Khemka Published in Times Higher Education Regarding World University Rankings

    Strike While the Iron's Still Hot | 10.4.2012
    Karan Khemka, Partner and Head of Parthenon's International Education Practice, argues that the academy remains Western-dominated, but emerging markets are rising. Traditional universities must future-proof themselves by tapping new players' demand for old-fashioned values. Read the article to find out more about Parthenon's research, led by Karan Khemka, Matt Robb, and Alana Rush.
  • Press Release | Nonprofit Universities Bring Brand Recognition to Online Education

    Brand, Price, and Outcomes Emerge as Key Market Differentiators Students Willing to Pay Premium | 10.1.2012
    Boston, MA, October 1, 2012 – The growing presence of nonprofit universities in online education has ignited unprecedented competition for students who once could choose predominantly among for-profit programs. For the first time a school’s brand – and its presumed influence in the job market – is a competitive differentiator for applicants, according to new paper from The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice.
  • Teacher Performance-based Compensation Reform: A Path for Success

    Press Release | Amid Heated Political Debate, The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice Highlights Why Past Compensation Reforms Have Failed and Offers Recommendations for Moving Forward | 9.25.2012
    Parthenon Partner Seth Reynolds looks at the failures of past teacher compensation reforms and gives 6 ideas on how to fix the system to retain top teachers.
  • Yahoo Finance | Teacher Performance-based Compensation Reform: A Path for Success

    Amid Heated Political Debate, The Parthenon Group's Education Practice Highlights Why Past Compensation Reforms Have Failed and Offers Recommendations for Moving Forward | 9.25.2012
    Parthenon Partner Seth Reynolds looks at the failures of past teacher compensation reforms and gives 6 ideas on how to fix the system to retain top teachers.
  • ESPN The Magazine | Parthenon's Jeff Phillips Ranks College Football Programs

    And the Real BCS Champ is ... | 9.17.2012
    Parthenon's Jeff Phillips helped ESPN The Magazine use their Ultimate Standings to figure out which college football program has been tops since 1998.
    Read the full article by picking up a copy of the September 4, 2012, issue of ESPN The Magazine
  • Karan Khemka Quoted in FT Regarding Education

    Universities Warn Immigration Restrictions Will Derail Growth | 9.7.2012
    Parthenon's Karan Khemka, Partner and International Education Practice Head, comments on growth trends for universities, and the impact of international students.

  • Matt Robb Quoted in Times Higher Education

    British Universities Embrace Marketing | 9.7.2012
    Parthenon's Matt Robb, Senior Principal, comments on the flow of increasing tuition income to the marketing departments for universities.

  • Matthew Robb Quoted in Times Higher Education

    Sensible Economic Actors' Script Says Spend, Spend, Spend on Marketing | 9.5.2012
    Parthenon's Matthew Robb, Senior Principal, comments on the potential for universities spending more on marketing at a conference organized by both the Times Higher Education and The Parthenon Group.

  • The Parthenon Group and EducationInvestor Host Roundtable Discussion on Education

    Private Money, Public Good | 9.1.2012
    The Parthenon Group and EducationInvestor brought together a panel of experts from government, higher education, and the investment community. In a wide-ranging 90 minute discussion between industry leaders, including Parthenon's Matthew Robb, Senior Principal, they covered everything from capital investment to debt financing – and asked how many students will actually manage to repay those loans.

  • Abhinav Mital Quoted in EdNET Insight

    K-12 China: In-The-Trenches | 8.31.2012
    Parthenon's Abhinav Mital, Senior Principal, has been quoted in this article discussing the growth in the private international and bilingual schools market within China.

  • Greg Miller Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek Regarding Ice Cream Market

    Unilever Wants to Be America's Ice Cream King | 8.23.2012
    Parthenon's Greg Miller, Senior Principal, comments on the trends in the ice cream market.

  • Karan Khemka Quoted in Times Higher Education Article

    As India Plays Hard to Get, Overseas Suitors Lose Interest | 8.16.2012
    Parthenon Partner, Karan Khemka, was quoted in a Times Higher Education Article offering his perspective on foreign universities in India.
  • Parthenon Education Practice Research Cited in The National Regarding Enrolment Growth

    Enrolment Surge Draws Foreign Schools to the Emirates | 8.13.2012
    Parthenon research cited in regards to the growth rate in enrolment of pupils in private schools in the Emirates.
  • Robert Lytle's Analysis Featured in Education Week's Marketplace K-12 Blog

    Business Opportunities Seen in New Tests, Low Scores | 8.7.2012
    Work by Robert Lytle, Partner and Head of Parthenon's Education Practice, was featured on Education Week's Blog, Marketplace K-12.
  • Greg Miller Quoted on Bloomberg Businessweek Article

    Fat Is Back as Unilever Magnum Bites Skinny Cow | 8.5.2012
    Parthenon's Senior Principal, Greg Miller, offers his unique perspective on Unilever's campaign to get more single serve ice cream products sold in the U.S.
  • Parthenon's Education Practice Research Cited in The National Regarding Curriculum

    Pupils Prepare for a New Curriculum in Abu Dhabi | 8.1.2012
    Parthenon's research regarding the curriculum in Abu Dhabi, positively influenced the development of a bilingual and internationally aligned education system in Abu Dhabi.
  • Roger Brinner on Panel with Howard Dean at Tuck School of Business

    Howard Dean Tackles Coolidge-Era Economy | 7.27.2012
    Parthenon Partner and Chief Economist Roger Brinner sat on a panel focused on the current economic recession along with the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Economics Professor Douglas Irwin and Tuck Associate Dean Matt Slaughter. The Dartmouth quoted Brinner on his comments regarding the "myths" in politics that impede a bipartisan agreement on the federal debt.

  • Chris Ross Quoted in WSJ Real Time Economics Blog Regarding Higher Education

    Cost Tops Quality for Students Seeking Web Courses | 7.20.2012
    According to a new study conducted by The Parthenon Group on behalf of Penn Foster, tuition costs rank higher among factors that prospective online students weigh than do convenience, quality of education or even the ability to find a job after graduation. Parthenon Partner, Chris Ross, comments.

  • Dawn Hudson Interviewed on Fox Business

    Former Pepsi-Cola CEO on the NYC Crackdown on Soda | 7.9.2012
    Parthenon Vice Chairman and former Pepsi-Cola CEO Dawn Hudson, comments on the efforts in places such as New York City to regulate soda because of the obesity epidemic.

  • The Parthenon Group Merges With Shanghai-Based Firm, New Pacific Consulting

    Press Release | Global Management and Strategic Consulting Firm Deepens Its Foothold in the Asian Markets Through Merger with Shanghai-Based Consulting Firm | 7.1.2012
    The Parthenon Group LLC, a provider of strategic and advisory services to business and organizational leaders across the globe, has expanded its footprint with a fifth office based in China through a merger with New Pacific Consulting. The merger pushes Parthenon’s headcount to approximately 300 members worldwide. New Pacific Consulting is a leader in providing advisory services to private equity firms and industrial companies investigating opportunities in China. With this merger, Parthenon augments its breadth and depth of private equity and industrials expertise while building its resources to administer its world-class advisory services for other areas of industry expertise, such as consumer, education, healthcare, and information and media in this region.
  • Robert Lytle Quoted in the Alternative Latin Investor Regarding Investment in Education

    Education PE in LatAm: 101 | 6.30.2012
    Parthenon's Robert Lytle, Partner and Head of Parthenon's Education Practice, Private and International sector, weigh's in on the rising demand for education services in regions with a growing middle class.  He then comments on how this demand can be met with private investment, and his experience with PE transactions in LatAm.
    Read the full article (Please note: article starts on page 48)

  • Karan Khemka's International Markets Forum Keynote Presentation Highlighted on EdNET Insight

    Around the World in a Day: Business Models There Lend Insight Here | 6.29.2012
    Parthenon Partner Karan Khemka was a keynote presenter at the International Markets Forum (IMF).  His presentation on global markets, content and the globalization of education is highlighted in this article.

  • Terry Bradshaw Quoted in Press Release Posted on Market Watch

    Survey Shows Single, Searchable Source for Validated Technical Data -- Especially Materials Data, Codes & Standards and Best Practices -- Top Design Engineers' Wish List | 6.25.2012
    Parthenon's Terry Bradshaw, Senior Principal, comments on a survey conducted by Parthenon and sponsored by Knovel, "Engineering Tools and Information Spring 2012 Survey." The survey identified a number of challenges that engineers face as they aim to improve how they find and interact with critical data.

  • Michael Sandler Joins The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice as Senior Advisor

    Press Release | Education-industry Leader Broadens Seasoned Team’s Deep Sector Expertise | 6.12.2012
    The Parthenon Group today announced that noted education scholar and entrepreneur Michael R. Sandler has been named a senior advisor within the firm’s renowned Education Practice. Sandler will concentrate efforts primarily within the global higher education sector.

    Read the full press release

  • Parthenon Education Practice Report Cited in Pendleton Times-Post

    'Blended Learning' in New Indy Charter Schools Could Change Face of Public Education | 6.4.2012
    The Parthenon Group's report, The Cost of an Online Education, commissioned by the Fordham Institute and included as a chapter in its book, "Education Reform for the Digital Era", is referred to in this article reporting on the opening of 19 charter schools in Indiana. These charter schools are notable for their combining online technology with face-to-face instruction.
  • Matthew Robb Quoted in Times Higher Education

    THE 100 Under 50: Speed From a Standing Start | 5.30.2012
    Parthenon's Matthew Robb, Senior Principal, comments on the emergence of younger universities in the higher education sector.

  • Karan Khemka Quoted in Business Education Article

    Academics Lament Lack of Respect and Reward in India | 5.28.2012
    Partner and the Mumbai Office Head, Karan Khemka, comments on the need for India to focus on its basic higher-level education rather than on the concerns of securing world-class professors for institutions such as IIM and IIT.

  • Karan Khemka Quoted in University World News

    Growth in Foreign Degrees - But Are They Worth It? | 5.27.2012
    Partner and the Mumbai Office Head, Karan Khemka, comments on regional variances in the value and return on investment for an internationally affiliated degree program, versus a local degree.

  • The Parthenon Group Cited in The Economic Times

    International Placements at ISB See a Spike | 5.11.2012
    The Parthenon Group is cited for having a significant presence in recruiting on the ISB campus.
  • Parthenon Report Cited by Zawya

    KSA's $21 Billion USD Education Push | 5.2.2012
    Parthenon's report, "Investment Opportunities in K-12 and Higher Education in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is cited in this article about the investment in the education system by the KSA.

  • Karan Khemka Presents at Indian Education Congress 2012

    Indian Education Congress 2012 Concludes Successfully | 5.1.2012
    Partner, Karan Khemka, was a keynote speaker at the Indian Education Congress this year, held in New Delhi.

  • Parthenon Education Practice Report Cited in Governing the States and Localities

    Video Games in the Classroom? | 4.25.2012
    The Parthenon Group's report, The Cost of an Online Education, commissioned by the Fordham Institute, is referred to in this article reporting on the Brookings Institute's discussion on social networking and education.
  • Parthenon Report Cited by The Journal

    How Much Does Blended Learning Cost? | 4.5.2012
    The Parthenon Group's report, "The Costs of Online Learning", was cited as a laying out good analysis in laying out the costs of blended learning. The report was written by Tamara Battaglino, Partner and Co-Head of the Education Practice, Matt Haldeman, Senior Principal and Eleanor Laurans, Senior Principal and published by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.
  • Parthenon Report Cited by the Times Higher Education

    India: Profitable Growth | 3.22.2012
    The Parthenon Group's report "Private Universities in India: An Investment in National Development" was recently cited in a news article posted by Times Higher Education.
  • Hindustan Times Article on Report Released by Parthenon at EDGE 2012 Forum

    Rise in Private Universities in India: Report | 3.13.2012
    Private universities in the country have more than doubled in the last six years, according to the findings of a new report by The Parthenon Group. While the country had 20 private universities prior to 2005, that figure surged to 107 last year.
  • The Economic Times Article Quoting Karan Khemka on New L&T Leadership

    K Venkataramanan Rise as L&T's New MD and CEO Seen in Tune With Plans | 3.10.2012
    Partner, Karan Khemka, comments on the appointment of K Venkataramanan as the managing director and CEO of L&T.

  • Parthenon Report Cited by DXB News

    Quality the Big Challenge for Private Education Hubs | 3.9.2012
    The Parthenon Group's report "Investment Opportunities in K-12 and Higher Education in the UAE and Saudi Arabia" was recently cited in a news article posted by DXB News.
  • Matthew Robb Quoted in Times Higher Education

    Private Equity Firm Enters "Exclusive" Talks on College of Law Purchase | 3.8.2012
    Parthenon's Matthew Robb, Senior Principal, comments on the potential purchase of the College of Law by a for-profit private operator.

  • Amit Garga Comments on Private School Enrolment in UAE

    Parents Shun State Schools in Favour of Private | 3.2.2012
    Parthenon's Amit Garga, Senior Principal in the emerging markets and education practice, comments on private school enrolment trends in the UAE, and the impact on tuition.
  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Featured in Funding for Independent Schools

    Foreign Fields | 2.1.2012
    Partner, Karan Khemka, and the Parthenon team report on the trend in expansion of UK independent school brands overseas.

  • ACQ Magazine Interviews Paul Ahern on His Promotion to Partner

    Movers | 2.1.2012
    In the January/February 2012 issue of ACQ Magazine, Parthenon's Paul Ahern was interviewed on his new role as partner in Parthenon's London office.
  • Matthew Robb Published in Real Deals

    UK Higher Education - Opportunities for Investment | 1.24.2012
    Matthew Robb, Senior Principal at Parthenon, identifies potential areas of growth among higher education providers.

  • Parthenon Deal Announcement

    The Parthenon Group Congratulates Actis on Its Investment in Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional | 1.23.2012
    The Parthenon Group congratulates global private equity investor, Actis, on its investment in Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional, one of Brazil's leading Universities.
  • Karan Khemka Quoted with Times Higher Education

    Fuel For-Profits to 'Jump-Start' Tottering Economy | 1.19.2012
    Investing more money in for-profit universities could "jump-start" the global economy, it has been suggested, and is the best way to create jobs and sustain economic growth in developing markets such as Asia and Latin America.

    Read the full article

  • Press Release: The Parthenon Group Announces Partner Promotions

    Parthenon’s Global Reach Continues to Broaden With Promotions in Both London and Mumbai | 1.3.2012
    Boston, MA, January 3, 2012 – Global strategic advisory firm, The Parthenon Group, has promoted two firm members to its partnership effective January 1, 2012. The promotions include Paul Ahern in the London office and Ashwin Assomull in the Mumbai office.
  • Parthenon's Abhinav Mital Quoted in The Times of India

    Learning Curve | 12.25.2011
    Parthenon's Abhinav Mital, Senior Principal in the emerging markets and education practice, comments on what investors look for to ensure the quality of private schools.

  • Press Release: Parthenon Wins Consultants of the Year Award

    The Parthenon Group Wins Consultants of the Year at Education Investor Awards | 12.22.2011
    The Parthenon Group (“Parthenon”) was named the winner in the Consultants of the Year category at Education Investor magazine’s annual award ceremony, held in London on November 17th. Parthenon was selected for the award after a busy year for the firm’s education practice during a time of great change, not least in the UK Higher Education (HE) sector.
  • Parthenon Cited in Zawya Article on Abu Dhabi Education Reform

    Abu Dhabi Mulls Education Reform | 12.21.2011
    As Abu Dhabi addresses education reform across cycle 3 schools, Parthenon will be providing project management, research, analytical, advisory and administrative support.
  • University Business Article and Video on Matt Robb's Keynote Speech at UK HE Conference

    Students Will Be Tough Customers | 12.14.2011
    Parthenon's Matt Robb, Senior Principal, was a key speaker at the Private Provision in Higher Education conference, in the UK.  Is is quoted in this article on the competitive nature of the higher education industry.  A video of Robb's speech can also be viewed along with the article.

  • Parthenon Cited in Article

    SDA Bocconi to Open Business School in India | 12.14.2011
    Parthenon research cited in article discussing Italy’s Università Bocconi as the first leading international university to open an India-based business school under its brand.
  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Quoted in Gulf News Regarding Education Investment Opportunities

    Education Is Big Business | 12.11.2011
    Parthenon's Karan Khemka, Partner, is quoted in regards to investment opportunities in higher education for the UAE and MENA region.

  • Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Regarding Indian MBAs

    Indian MBAs: Less Attractive | 12.2.2011
    Parthenon's Ashwin Assomull, Partner, comments on why students may find the MBA as a less attractive degree than it once was.
  • Parthenon's Robert Lytle Interviewed on Regarding Middle East Education

    Private Education Offers Good Investment Opportunities | 11.21.2011
    Robert Lytle, Partner, The Parthenon Group, talks to Phil Blizzard about the investment opportunities that will arise through the rapid expansion of private education across the Middle East, with substantial returns on the operational aspects, rather than the real estate option.

  • Reuters - Parthenon's Chris Ross Quoted on Job Training Study

    Job Training Programs Falling Short: Survey | 11.17.2011
    Chris Ross, Partner, comments on the importance of job training as part of a workforce program.  Ross's comments are based on a study by The Parthenon Group, The Role of Community and Private Sector Colleges in Job Training, sponsored by Corinthian Colleges.
  • Parthenon Reports Cited in Zawya Article

    Investment Opportunities in Private Education of $17 Billion Up to 2015 | 11.16.2011
    Two Parthenon reports are cited in the analysis of the investment volume in the private education sector in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).  
  • Parthenon's Ashwin Assomull Quoted in Business Today Regarding Education Report

    Peer Pressure - Multimedia Classroom Business Growth Slows Down | 11.13.2011
    Ashwin Assomull, Senior Principal, comments on the lower market expectations for education technology companies.
  • University World News

    Arab States: Quality Low Despite Privatisation Boom | 11.9.2011
    Parthenon's report, Investment Opportunities in K-12 and Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is sited in the analysis of the education system in the Arab states.
  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Quoted on Education Investment Opportunities in the UAE

    Private Sector Beckons Investment Opportunities in Education | 10.30.2011
    Karan Khemka, Partner, presented at the BFE MENA conference on the UAE's private school and higher education sector worth about $2.8 billion, citing that the demand in certain segments of this market are set to grow.
  • Parthenon's Robert Lytle on Panel at Building Future Education MENA Conference in Dubai

    Dubai International Academic City Highlights Opportunities in Regional Sector at 'Building Future Education MENA' | 10.27.2011
    Parthenon's Robert Lytle, Partner and Head of the Education Centre of Excellence, For Profit and International, sits on the BFE MENA panel themed "How to Attract Investment for the Advancement of Education." 
  • Parthenon's Robert Lytle Interviewed on Emirates 24\7 Regarding UAE Education

    TV Interview Regarding UAE Education Reform and BFE MENA Conference | 10.26.2011
    Parthenon's Robert Lytle, Partner and Head of the Education Centre of Excellence, For Profit and International, is interviewed on the topic of why improvements in the UAE education system will reduce youth unemployment levels, which is costing the region close to $50 billion each year.
  • Parthenon's Karan Khemka Interviewed on Dubai One Regarding Education Investment Opportunities

    TV Interview Regarding UAE's Education Sector Seeing a Boom | 10.25.2011
    Parthenon's Karan Khemka, Partner, is interviewed on the topic of UAE investment opportunities in private education.
  • Parthenon's Abhinav Mital Quoted on BeyondBrics Blog

    India’s Universities: Could Do Better | 10.17.2011
    India is one of the greatest economic success stories of the past twenty years and its citizens swell the ranks of Forbes’s list of billionaires. But its higher education system lags far behind those of the developed nations it is leapfrogging economically.
  • Gulf Today Article Citing Parthenon's Education Work Informing the Abu Dhabi Education Council on Next Steps

    Experts Call for Restructuring of Cycle 3 Education System | 10.14.2011
    The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has used the results of a comprehensive review of its curriculum by Parthenon, to initiate a full re-structuring of the Cycle 3 school system. this was announced at the "Creating Pathways to Success - the Role of Cycle 3 in Developing Youth to Meet Future Needs" form at the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi on Thursday, October 13, 2011.
  • Article Citing Parthenon's Education Work Informing the Abu Dhabi Education Council on Next Steps

    The Abu Dhabi Education Council Organizes Creating Pathways to Success Forum to Review Cycle 3 | 10.13.2011
    The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has used the results of a comprehensive review of its curriculum by Parthenon, to initiate a full re-structuring of the Cycle 3 school system.  this was announced at the "Creating Pathways to Success - the Role of Cycle 3 in Developing Youth to Meet Future Needs" form at the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi on Thursday, October 13, 2011.
  • Times Higher Education Article Featuring Parthenon's Matthew Robb

    Salary Premium From Post-92s Can Trump That of Bigger Names | 9.22.2011
    Matthew Robb, Senior Principal at The Parthenon Group, is featured in this Times Higher Education article reporting on how an institutions' locale and curricula can help graduates out earn Russell Group peers.
  • Next Generation Learning: Defining and Scaling the Opportunity

    Press Release | 9.20.2011
    BOSTON, September 20, 2011 – Imagine a world in which students receive personalized instruction based on need, skill and interest, and where technology enhances the ability of all students to reach their individual learning potential. This is no idealist view, but rather a description of Next Generation Learning (NGL), a nascent movement embraced by a new generation of educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and policy makers. At its center is a dramatic re-envisioning of each student’s experience.
  • Hindustan Times Article

    Less than 10% Indians Take Student Loans: Report | 8.16.2011
    Parthenon Partner, Karan Khemka, is quoted in a recent Hindustan Times article that also includes highlights from a recent Parthenon report on financing higher education in India.
  • Guardian Article by Matthew Robb

    The threat to the UK teaching universities is real and imminent | 6.30.2011

    The recent reforms to UK Higher Education have created a quasi-market for students, open to many providers. Incumbent public universities need to change their business models and marketing to respond to these new providers.

    Read the full article

  • The Times of India Article by Parthenon's Karan Khemka

    Demographic Dividend or Deficit | 6.6.2011
    In the last few years, there has been a sense of urgency regarding the Indian higher education sector. While the government has introduced a host of new policies, the need for private sector participation has become even more imperative.
  • Times Higher Education Article by Parthenon's Matthew Robb

    Here Be Treasure, but Sector Unprepared for Private Raiding Parties | 5.12.2011
    The Browne Review has created a quasi-marketplace for English higher education (and Welsh institutions, if not Welsh students). These are truly interesting times. While nobody has an infallible crystal ball, The Parthenon Group's international experience highlights lessons that should inform the thinking of English and Welsh higher education institutions. Most importantly, the high fees that will be charged across the sector will encourage new providers to enter the market, with far-reaching consequences in the medium term.
  • Parthenon's Robert Lytle Interviewed on BBC

    Qatar: Turning knowledge into the new oil | 3.18.2011
    Robert Lytle, Partner and Head of Parthenon's Education Center of Excellence, provides comments for BBC's report, "Qatar: Turning knowledge into the new oil"
  • Affordability a Critical Issue in Indian Higher Education

    The Parthenon Group Releases Report on Challenges and Solutions | 3.10.2011
    Karan Khemka and Robert Lytle
    Mumbai, 10 March 2011 – The Parthenon Group released a report, “Financing Indian Higher Education,” today. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Honourable Union Minister for Human Resource Development, released the report at the EDGE Conference 2011 in the presence of Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha. Also present were Mr. Robert Lytle, Partner and Head, Education Center of Excellence, and Mr. Karan Khemka, Partner and Mumbai Office Head, of The Parthenon Group.

  • Parthenon surveyed more than 3500 schools in India to provide a data-driven approach on Investment Opportunities in the Education sector.

    Press Release | 3.9.2011
    Mumbai, India, 9 March 2011: Abhinav Mital, Principal, The Parthenon Group, shared perspectives on the role Private Equity could play in the Education Sector in India at The Leadership Series in Private Equity Conference, hosted by the Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA and Private Equity Pro Partners on 9 March in Mumbai.
  • Margot Rogers Joins The Parthenon Group as Vice Chairman, Senior Advisor on Education

    Press Release | World-class Education Center of Excellence adds a leader with deep experience at the nexus of education policy, strategy and implementation | 2.23.2011

    The Parthenon Group announced today that Margot Rogers will join the company as a Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor to Parthenon’s renowned Education Center of Excellence.

    Read the full press release



  • Press Release, Radio Interview, and CNBC coverage of Parthenon’s 2011 Global Education Seminar

    Global Perspectives on K-12 and Higher Education | 1.27.2011
    Karan Khemka and Robert Lytle
    The Parthenon Group hosted the 2011 Education Seminar on January 26 in Dubai and January 27 in Mumbai. Speakers from Parthenon shared analysis on various hot topics in the Indian and GCC education sector.

    Press Release
    Strategic advisor for the global education industry, The Parthenon Group, Mumbai, reveals results from the 2011 Global Education Seminar hosted by the firm in Mumbai and Dubai. Findings revealed by the Parthenon Group addresses key topics in the education sector in India and the GCC.
    Read the Full Press Release

    Karan Khemka participated in a radio interview with the Business Breakfast Show on Dubai Eye.
    Listen to the Interview

    Karen Khemka was interviewed by CNBC-TV18, Reporter’s Diary.
    Watch the Video

    To download the presentations from the seminar, please click here.
  • The Parthenon Group Adds Partner to the Leadership Team

    Press Release | 12.16.2010
    Seth Reynolds

    Strategic Advisory Firm Strengthens its World-Class Education Center of Excellence Team with Partner Promotion

    Boston, MA, December 16, 2010 – The Parthenon Group announced today that it will be promoting Seth Reynolds to partner, where he will be a strong contributor to Parthenon’s world–class Education Center of Excellence. The promotion is effective January 1, 2011.

    Read the full press release


  • The Parthenon Group Strengthens its Education Practice With the Appointment of Matthew Robb

    Press Release | 10.4.2010
    Matthew Robb
    London, 4th October, 2010 – The Parthenon Group (“Parthenon”), a leading strategy consultancy, today announced the appointment of Matthew Robb as a Senior Principal within its education practice, the Education Center of Excellence.
  • Gurcharan Das Joins Parthenon Group Advisory Board

    Press Release | 7.27.2010
    Rsenowned Author, Management Guru, and Public Intellectual Takes Advisory Role with Strategic Advisory Firm

    Mumbai, India, July 27, 2010 – Reiterating its commitment and focus towards strengthening their India operations, The Parthenon Group, a global strategic advisory boutique, has announced the appointment of renowned author, management guru and public intellectual, Gurcharan Das to its strategic advisory board for their India office, which is also the firm’s Asian headquarters.
  • Parthenon CNBC Europe Interview | Consumer Behavior

    UK Consumer Still Nervous | Mark Jeynes, Partner and London Office Head | 4.7.2010
    Mark Jeynes
    Mark Jeynes, Partner and London Office Head, was interviewed on CNBC Europe regarding the expectation of consumer behaviors based on Parthenon research.
  • Forbes Cites Parthenon's Research in India's Education Sector

    Parthenon's Education Center of Excellence Research Featured in Forbes | 4.2.2010
    Karan Khemka
    Parthenon's Partner and Mumbai Office Head, Karan Khemka, discusses why the new Foreign Educational Institutions Bill is not going to save Indian higher education system and how the solution will have to come from within India.  This perspective was featured as Forbes India cover page story and discussed in the Letter from the Editor.
    He also gives his views on why K-12 schools are such an attractive business in India. You can read his perspective on Parthenon's analysis in the following Forbes articles, and a letter from the Forbes India Editor:
    View Article on K-12: The Business of Schools
    View Article on Higher Education: Why They Won't Come to Teach You From Harvard
    Letter from Editor, Forbes India: Saving India's Higher Education
  • Christopher T. Jenny Appointed as President of The Parthenon Group

    The Parthenon Group Press Release | 3.16.2010
    Chris Jenny
    Senior Partner Expands His Leadership Role with Strategic Advisory Firm
    Boston, MA, March 16, 2010 – The Parthenon Group today announced that Chris Jenny was to augment his current role as Senior Partner, with the position of President, effective February, 2010.

  • Excellent Schools Detroit Citywide Education Plan Released

    Karl Cheng and Haven Ladd | 3.11.2010
    Karl Cheng and Haven Ladd
    The Parthenon Group supported the work of foundations and community leaders in Detroit, MI, organized as the Excellent Schools Detroit coalition, to develop a bold reform plan to improve educational outcomes for children in that city.  The plan was announced by the coalition, Detroit Public Schools and government leaders on March 9, 2010, at The Skillman Foundation.
  • Sports Slump May Be Over by Tom Van Riper | 3.10.2010
    Roger Brinner
    Parthenon's Chief Economist and Partner, Dr. Roger Brinner, recently spoke at the MIT Sports Conference, and was quoted in this article.  At the conference Dr. Brinner communicated that the sports industry is about to see an increase in sales again.

  • Parthenon Partners Speak at the 12th Annual Credit Suisse Global Services Conference

    Rob Lytle and Karan Khemka | 2.24.2010
    Robert Lytle and Karan Khemka
    Two of Parthenon's partners presented at the 12th Annual Credit Suisse Global Services Conference on February 23rd and 24th.  Partner and Co-Leader of our Education Center of Excellence, Rob Lytle, presented Parthenon's perspective on Private Sector Post-Secondary Schools.  Partner and Mumbai Office Head, Karan Khemka, presented Parthenon's perspective on Education Opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The Parthenon Group Adds Four Partners to Leadership Team

    The Parthenon Group Press Release | 12.21.2009

    Strategic Advisory Firm Seeds Global Growth with Promotion of Four New Partners to the Leadership Team

    Boston, MA, December 21, 2009 – The Parthenon Group today announced that it will be promoting four of their members to partner. Karan Khemka, Haven Ladd, Chris Ross and Andres Saenz will join the leadership team, effective January 1, 2010.

    Read the press release

  • The Next Crisis: Coming in 2011

    Tony Tjan | 12.7.2009
    Tony Tjan
    Read our Vice Chairman, Tony Tjan's, Harvard Business Publishing online blog on The Next Crisis: Coming in 2011. The blog also features video clips from Parthenon’s Chairman and Managing Partner, Bill Achtmeyer.

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  • Why PE Firms Are Restructuring (and Not Just Their Portfolio Companies)

    Greg Pappas, Isabella Allen, Anneli Schalock | 9.1.2009

    Senior Partner Greg Pappas, Senior Principal Isabella Allen, and Principal Anneli Schalock have co-authored the above article for the fall 2009 edition of The Journal of Private Equity on organizational structures in Private Equity firms.

    Read the Article


  • 6 Lessons Learned in the Downturn

    Anthony Tjan | 7.1.2009
    Tony Tjan

    Read Vice Chairman Tony Tjan's, Harvard Business Publishing online blog on lessons to be learned in the down economy. The blog also features video clips from Parthenon’s Chairman and Managing Partner Bill Achtmeyer.

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    See Video Clip of Bill Achtmeyer

  • Dawn Hudson Joins Parthenon Group as Vice Chairman

    The Parthenon Group Press Release | 3.27.2009
    Dawn Hudson

    Former Pepsi-Cola North American President and CEO Takes Leadership Role with Strategic Advisory Firm

    Boston, MA, March 27, 2009 - The Parthenon Group today announced that Dawn Hudson has joined the firm as vice chairman. Hudson, the former Pepsi-Cola president and CEO, North America, will contribute to all of the firm's practice areas with a particular focus on the consumer, retail and sports management offerings.