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Recruiting Process

The majority of principals and summer principals come to Parthenon through our recruiting program with specific graduate/M.B.A. institutions. 

To find out the dates Parthenon will be interviewing recruits from your graduate/M.B.A. institution, please visit our Interview Schedule page, and for information other Parthenon events regarding your institution, visit our Calendar/Events page. 

Interview Process

Although there may be some variation across the different offices and schools, Parthenon's interview process typically involves:

  • First-Round Interviews: Two first-round interviews each taking approximately 30 minutes
  • Final-Round Interviews: From the group of first-round interview candidates, the Parthenon recruiting team will narrow down the pool of applicants and ask qualified candidates back for three to four additional interviews, which typically take place over a two to three hour period
  • Offers: After the final-round of interviews, the recruiting team then narrows down the applicant pool again in order to offer the most qualified candidates a position in the full-time or summer program.

What to Expect During Interview Process

Parthenon interviews are a combination of questions used to better get to know the candidate  and case study questions, which give the interviewer a better sense of the candidate's analytical skill set. Prior consulting experience is not necessary to successfully answer the case study questions, however practicing case questions before the interview is typically helpful to the candidates.

Global Reach/Offices

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