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Member Profiles



What are the leadership opportunities at The Parthenon Group?

This is really key, especially in the early parts of my career, both as an associate and a principal. As a principal, I was leading teams and entire client relationships 2 years into the role. At the same time, I was effectively interim management at a Private Equity client’s suffering portfolio company, making critical decisions. The responsibility afforded to me has steadily grown from there.

What can you tell us about the people and culture at The Parthenon Group?

The people are really second to none. Every day I wake up and think “I’m so glad I work where I do.” And while I know that feeling every day, it is especially gratifying when clients go out of their way to say what pleasant experience they had working with Parthenon teams, especially when compared to experiences with other consultants.

What was your favorite case to date?

We built a US market-entry strategy for an internationally-based personal care business. Not only was building a market-entry strategy for a business we already knew fun (and product testing was fun), but we were working with a client that could not afford consulting services without our agreement to work largely for equity. Parthenon’s flexibility in this respect was especially gratifying.

How does The Parthenon Group fit into your life outside of work?

It’s not that work is my life (it certainly isn’t these days with a family and a part-time schedule), but there is also little differentiation. Many of my friends are at work because we recruit people we actually enjoy spending time with – which is why I’ve been at Parthenon for over 11 years.

Do you have any interests or hobbies outside of work?

As a mom my interests have gotten younger, but I still very much enjoy cooking, fishing, yoga and anything that makes me feel crafty.

What do you like about your home office's location?

I am a native Texan, as is my husband. Neither of us ever imagined we would end up in Boston, certainly not by the time we had a family of our own, but we love it. The accessibility to beaches, mountains, fishing, golf, great restaurants, and now playgrounds can’t be beat. We can (and do) walk just about everywhere and there’s always something fun going on.

What is your favorite quality about The Parthenon Group?

The people. And the high values of those people run from the very top of the organization throughout.

Is there anything else you would like a recruit to know about you that we have not covered in the above questions?

I have not always wanted to be a consultant. I joined Parthenon in 1997 and thought I’d do this for a couple of years, then find a business I wanted to work in. In 2002 when I rejoined from Tuck I thought again that this was only a temporary decision. But every time I do a personal/professional inventory, I cannot come up with a business or a firm I’d rather work with, so I’ve become a “lifer” by chance, but couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome.